Recipes for social innovation

Cultural Heritage is as an essential instrument for social cohesion nowadays. An increasing number of Cultural Institutions seeks to address the needs of communities engaging them through participatory initiatives so as to strengthen the relationships.

#CultureLabs analyses ingredients and proposes recipes to facilitate the involvement of immigrants communities and disadvantaged groups that are disconnected from institutional Cultural Heritage.

#CultureLabs investigates and proposes the use of digital services and tools for facilitating the access to Cultural Heritage through tailor-made novel experiences, creative reuse, enrichment and co-creation.


CultureLabs is improving connections between territories, people and cultural heritage

Pilot in Helsinki – Finland

Zoom In On Heritage

Cultural heritage is alive, and it changes when people from different cultures meet. The pilot invites participants to use the Picture Collections of the Museovirasto – Finnish Heritage Agency and to document and photograph how they experience living cultural heritage. Especially women with immigrant background will be encouraged to take part in the pilot.  

Pilot in Manchester – UK

We have “More in Common”

What has been the impact of Brexit on immigrant communities in the UK? A work with local migrant and non-migrant communities to explore how we have “more in common”.

Pilot in Ancona – Italy

Living Art for Integration

Migrants’ cultural needs, wishes and expectations vary according to the level of integration reached in the hosting country. COOSS will involve people in the co-creation of art-based activities, allowing them to share their cultural heritage and to properly approach the hosting country’s one. CultureLabs is a tool to bridge the gap among cultures.

Pilot in Pisa – Italy

So Distant, Incredibly Close

Cultural exchanges and participatory activities to involve immigrants from different ethnic backgrounds throughout the artistic and scientific collections of the University Museum System of Pisa.

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