Pilot in Helsinki – Finland

Zoom In On Heritage

The Finnish Heritage Agency will be responsible for organizing a pilot in Finland. The gender perspective and cultural diversity will be the starting points for this pilot. Both existing photographic collections and new photography will be widely used.

The participants will be invited to use the Picture Collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency, and to document and present to the broader public their experiences with Finnish culture and history and to reflect on their differencens and similarilities with the culture of their country of origin.

This way, the participants will familiarise with the Finnish culture and history on one hand, and spread knowledge about the culture of their countries’ of origin on the other. The pilot aims at creating different types of cultural productions curated by the participants with the reuse and enrichment of the existing collections the Finnish Heritage Agency (e.g. old photography of Finnish can be combined with photographs from immigrants’ countries of origin as well as with their new photography).

What’s happening in Helsinki

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Pilot in Helsinki – Finland

Zoom In On Heritage

A creative way to use Museovirasto’s photographs collections, through which immigrant groups will familiarise with Finnish culture and history, and spread knowledge about their country of origin.

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