This page contains the links to the Academic Output produced during the project’s lifetime and related to its different work packages.   

Indeed, CultureLabs is composed of nine work packages, each of them representing a relevant aspect of the work, with a clear focus in terms of activities and contribution to the overall project objectives. 

All work packages will strongly collaborate with each other through an iterative process and an incremental development, in order to ensure the achievement of the CultureLabs goals.

Animated Infographics

DELIVERABLE 2.1 RESULTS (Online survey and interviews)

DELIVERABLE 2.2 RESULTS (Face to face and telephone interviews)

DELIVERABLE 6.1 RECOMMENDATIONS: How to create a Safe(r) Space

Workshop in Barcelona

  • The Workshop Facilitator’s Manual

    This manual provides step-by-step instructions to support the facilitation of co-creation exercises for the CultureLabs pilots and for further projects at the intersection of Cultural Heritage and social inclusion.

    The manual is based on the dynamics and exercises tested during the CultureLabs Ignition Workshop hat took place in Barcelona on 3rd and 4th July 2018. The content of the manual will be expanded and updated throughout the development of the CultureLabs project and thanks to the activities run in the pilots.

  • Ignition Workshop Report

    Last 3rd and 4th of July, in Barcelona, participants of the European project CultureLabs gathered in an intense and productive two day workshop at the huge ex-industrial-now-cultural “creation factory” Fabra i Coats.

    The two-day session helped CultureLabs to be shaped as an increasingly more coherent project, in which actors share a common language and know each other’s understandings and goals for this three years journey.