Public Deliverables

This page contains the links to the public deliverables produced during the project’s lifetime and related to its different work packages.   

Indeed, CultureLabs is composed of nine work packages, each of them representing a relevant aspect of the work, with a clear focus in terms of activities and contribution to the overall project objectives. 

All work packages will strongly collaborate with each other through an iterative process and an incremental development, in order to ensure the achievement of the CultureLabs goals.

“Work Packages” 

Work package 01

Project Management & Quality Assurance

This work package deals with the management of the whole project and ensures the overall coordination, effective administration, financial planning and technical coordination. This supervises the quality of all project deliverables, as well as the respect of the time, budget and resource constraints. Moreover, it ensures the technical and legal compliance of the consortium to the project objectives.

No public deliverables are planned.

Work package 02

Comprehensive study of existing practices and stakeholders’ requirements analysis

This work package aims to gather comprehensive data and information on the different stakeholders’ needs, challenges, expectations from Cultural Institutes and social innovation activities. In particular, the work package 2 identifies the institutional stakeholders, their needs and services; it studies the needs of the immigrant communities; it investigates current ICT tools used for social innovation and engagement with cultural heritage; it collects and compares participatory approaches to social innovation through cultural heritage.

  • D2.1 - Institutional stakeholders needs and services analysis report

    The objective of this deliverable is to identify the institutional stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in cultural approaches and/or promoting the social integration of disadvantaged groups, particularly migrants. The aim is to collect information and lessons learnt from their field of action and to understand what they need to facilitate participatory and inclusive initiatives.

  • D2.2 - Communities needs and living heritage analysis report

    This task concerns the needs and living grassroots heritage of communities, and particularly focuses on immigrants’ communities. The related research involved desk research and assessments by NGOs and other organisations working with immigrants, as well as in-depth interviews and online questionnaires addressed to different groups and sub-groups of migrants (unemployed immigrants, women and young immigrants, immigrants from specific parts of the world, 1st and 2​nd generation immigrants, asylumseeker/refugees, children/youngsters).

Work package 03

CultureLabs methodology, functional requirements, and resources collection

This work package aims to define an innovative methodology able to serve the needs of organising cultural heritage initiatives with social impact. By doing this, the work package number 2 defines a roadmap with processes, activities and facilitating tools, useful to project development. Moreover, it delineates the specific case studies which will guides partners in pilots’ organisation, and it selects and organises resources the will populate the CultureLabs platform.

  • D3.4 - Pool of ingredients v1

    The first version of the pool of collected resources, including policies and reports about cultural heritage, policies and reports about migration, co-creation methodologies and tools, past projects, digital tools, training material, and users’ need resources, delivered via a Google Doc.

Work package 04

Technical specifications and architecture design

This work package is responsible for translating the collected user needs and functional requirements into technological requirements. Specifically, the work package 4 designs the database layer architecture and technical specifications, and it defines the scenarios how users can interact with CultureLabs platform.

No public deliverables are planned.

Work package 05

CultureLabs platform and services implementation and integration

This work package consists of the technical implementation of CultureLabs platform. It also takes care of any necessary customisations and configurations required for the successful running of the pilots, and also produces the CultureLabs’ platform documentation to enhance its usability.

Work package 06

Social Innovation through culture: recipes and recommendations

Taking into account the results of all other work packages, this work package designs novel recipes of social innovation through cultural heritage, that will be implemented during the pilots’ activities, and redefined and adjusted depending on pilots needs, and results. The work package 6 is also responsible to set up a series of best practices, and recommendations of the lessons learned during the project’s lifetime and that will be spread across Europe.

Work package 07

Pilot activities and evaluation

This work package is responsible for the organisation and running of the 4 pilots that will take place during the project in Helsinki (Finland), Manchester (UK), Ancona (Italy) and Pisa (Italy). This work package also foresees the activity of evaluation of CultureLabs infrastructure, as well as the validation of recipes designed.

Work package 08

Dissemination and Exploitation

This work package is responsible to disseminate CultureLabs objectives, approach, activities, and results to the different audiences which are the main target of CultureLabs, namely museum professionals, policymakers and practitioners, and the civil society. Dissemination activities will also be addressed to immigrant communities as well as to the broader public. This work package also defines viable plans for the exploitation of the developed platform after the project’s lifetime.

Work package 09

Ethics requirements

This work package aims to ensure that CultureLabs must comply with the ethics requirements.  

No public deliverables are planned.