Pilot in Pisa – Italy

So Distant, Incredibly Close

This participatory approach experiments cultural exchanges and social inclusion between the Museum and people with different backgrounds. New audiences will have the opportunity to converse with each other, finding new connections and cultural bonds.

Fondazione Sistema Toscana and the University Museum System of Pisa will involve a few second-generation of immigrants through tailored cultural paths and specific collections, to explore the heritage in a renewed cultural context.

Each Museum, depending on the typology and characteristics of its collections, will be engaged for providing people the opportunity to share ideas and build relationships.

For example, The Museum of calculation instruments will involve immigrants of the various countries, offering its fascinating world collection of the computation and calculation tools to participants.
On the other hand, the Gipsoteca of Ancient Art (with the Department of Civiltà e forme del sapere of Pisa University) will involve young immigrants in educational tours, making its masterpieces representing myths available to participants.

In this way young students get familiarised with cultural tradition of various countries. Students will be asked to focus common points and similarities among various cultural traditions with the aim of creating the premise for social and cultural inclusion.

What’s happening in Pisa

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Pilot in Pisa
– Italy

So Distant, Incredibly Close

Cultural exchanges and participatory activities to involve immigrants from different ethnic backgrounds throughout the artistic and scientific collections of the University Museum System of Pisa.