We are happy to announce that the CultureLabs digital platform is now available and ready-to-use! 

If you are interested in participatory projects that leverage Cultural Heritage for the inclusion and empowerment of communities CultureLabs is what suits you: a collaborative and free space where you can find helpful material and reuse it according to your needs. 

  • Discover material about past projects, methodologies, tools, and other resources that can help you in creating your own participatory project.
  • Share your own experiences of participatory projects and let other users be inspired by your expertise.
  • Upload supporting material that can be useful by other organisations who may find it helpful in their own venture.
  • Structure your initial idea for a participatory project in the form of a recipe? Following the template provided by the platform. 
  • Collaborate with others in order to gradually elaborate and improve your project via feedback exchange and teamediting. 
  • Reuse existing good practices and resources made available by other organisations and adapt them to your own needs.
  • Expand your network and find collaborators for your project.


The CultureLabs digital platform is designed for: 

  • Cultural Heritage Institutions who are interested in strengthening their social role 
  • Civil Society Organisations who are working for the integration and empowerment of disadvantaged communities
  • Researchers interested in studying participatory approaches
  • Public Administrations who are seeking to address challenges related to societal cohesion and  migrant and refugee integration
  • Community members who wish to raise awareness about grassroots heritage and turn their ideas into projects

CultureLabs is also the right place for any community member and individual who wishes to contribute with their own ideas for a project!


Subscribe for free to https://recipes.culture-labs.eu/ and start to use it!

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