From 6th to 12th of December 2020, CultureLabs and its pilots will be showcased during the 3rd Annual Citizen Engagement and Deliberative Democracy Festival (3rd CEDD Festival)

It is an online appointment organised by the European Commission, devoted to analysing how democracy is changing and how citizens can participate in this change.

And again, this festival will address the question, how can we ensure that physical distance does not prevent the public from engaging, co-creating, or deliberating policies that affect them? How can we make the best use of online tools?

CultureLabs project and its 4 pilots have been selected to be part of the virtual exhibition: a selection of videos that showcase citizen engagement projects around Europe. CultureLabs and its pilots are part of these projects focused on ideas of deliberation or co-creation, which span art, science, and technology.

As part of the exhibition, the 3rd CEDD festival will award the project that incorporates the most innovative social approach to citizen engagement with a social innovation prize that will be announced on the 11th.

The agenda and the registration form are available HERE.

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