CultureLabs - Meeting in Barcelona

Last 3rd and 4th of July, CultureLabs consortium gathered in an intense and productive two-day workshop at the huge ex-industrial-now-cultural “creation factory” Fabra i Coats in Barcelona.

The two-day meeting helped CultureLabs to be shaped as an increasingly more coherent project, in which actors share a common language and know each other’s understandings and goals for this three years journey.

The workshop has been conducted and defined the methodology and working methos around which the project will be structured: user-centered design, agile development, and co-creation to the environments of social innovation through Cultural Heritage.

The sessions were framed under the metaphor of cooking vocabulary used by CultureLabs: participants were building projects as if they were recipes, which made it much easier in terms of ingredients (anything needed for a collaborative project to turn out tasty and well prepared); addressing the needs of different target audiences.

The work finalised three examples of social innovation and social inclusion presented as recipes: Platoniq’s “Moving communities”, People’s History Museum’s “Community curating” and COOSS’s “Human library”; helping how to translate the different actions into a recipe.


Further information about the meeting was collected in our “Resources” section: please see the Workshop Facilitator’s Manual and the Ignition Workshop Report.


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