“Is it still possible to speak about identity in a strongly globalized and contaminated context, marked by uprooting, mobility and migration? The re-emergence of nationalism reveals a new urgency concerning the sense of belonging that contradicts existing cultural hybridization.”

These and other issues will be discussed at the international seminar in Florence, organised by The Murate Contemporary Art Projects and the European University Institute on Thursday –  November, 22.

The event aims aims to provide insights, analysis and reflections about global identity dynamics, with particular attention to cultural production, the hybridization of languages ​​and postcolonial narratives.

The day is also an opportunity to examine the Europe and its cosmopolitan identity, the relationship between art, global and local dimension as well as the relationship between art and modern cities.

See the programme and the speakers on: http://www.lemuratepac.it/en/global-identities/

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