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A story from “So Distant, Incredibly Close”

Yaya is a young guy coming from Burkina Faso. He is full of life, curious and smart, very conscious of the reasons that are determining the migration flows from Africa to Europe. We met him for the first time during an Italian language course, organised by ORISS. He did not waste time and immediately wanted […]


A look into “More in Common”

What has been the impact of Brexit on immigrant communities in the UK? A work with local migrant and non-migrant communities to explore how we have “more in common”. The project is creating opportunities for different communities in Greater Manchester to meet, discuss, and explore what they have “in common”. Who is involved in the […]


A look into “Zoom In On Heritage”

Cultural heritage is alive, and it changes when people from different cultures meet. Zoom In On Heritage pilot invites participants to use photographs to show and document how they experience living cultural heritage. Who is involved in the activities? Museovirasto – Finnish Heritage Agency is currently organising the pilot in Finland, putting the material of […]


A look into “Bridging Culture Through Arts”

A multiethnic district, as many of our cities, where different and diverse cultures are co-living: how public entities and civil society organizations can support mutual understanding and social cohesion? How culture can bridge the gap? Bridging Culture Through Arts brings together citizens (both migrants and autochthones) living in a neglected urban area characterized by high […]


A look into “So distant, incredibly close”

Customs, practices, beliefs, traditions, lifestyles, values, memories, stories constitute an important part of the cultural heritage as well as instruments of a self-representation. For this reason, So distant, Incredibly Close pilot solicits the migrants involved to reflect on their idea of cultural heritage. What does cultural heritage mean for them? And again, which piece of […]

The first release of CultureLabs platform is online!

The Culturelabs platform, which is being developed to help users organise participatory projects tailored to their needs as the ultimate goal, is online! Our internal team have been testing the first version of the system, which only include basic functionalities, by creating profiles and uploading relevant content. Now Sheffield Hallam University is seeking to gather […]


Food for thought: The University of Pisa subscribed the UNHCR “Manifesto of Inclusive University”

In 2020, 70 million of people worldwide are still forced to leave their original country because of conflicts, violence and persecutions. Of these, around 26 million have found refuge in a safe country, thus becoming “refugees”[1]. The Geneva Convention (1951) establishes safeguards in favour of refugees, trying to guarantee housing rights, public support and education […]


CultureLabs at Internet Festival 2019 – Video collection

Did you miss the CultureLabs event at Internet Festival 2019? Would you like to explore more the key-concept of social innovation, participatory approach and co-design? There is good news! You can relive the best moments in our video collection, the contribution of the speakers is now on our Youtube channel. Subscribe here.  

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CultureLabs at Internet Festival 2019

A good opportunity to talk with chefs! In collaboration with Internet Festival – Shaping Future, CultureLabs organises the event entitled Labs of Cultures. Processes, strategies and good practices for the challenges of contemporary society. It will be an occasion to listen to the voices of some social innovators, actually our Chefs (both Italian and foreign), who […]

ABF Study Visit: Ancona

What is ABF? ABF is Sweden’s largest adult liberal education association, whose activities promote democracy, justice and equality. ABF’s organization works comprehensively in the fields of culture, integration, health, politics, international studies and disabled issues. It has 100 years of experience in liberal adult education with different target groups and a wide range of topics, […]