ABF collaboration

What is ABF?

ABF is Sweden’s largest adult liberal education association, whose activities promote democracy, justice and equality. ABF’s organization works comprehensively in the fields of culture, integration, health, politics, international studies and disabled issues. It has 100 years of experience in liberal adult education with different target groups and a wide range of topics, and is open to share experiences with organizations in other countries.

What was our role? (COOSS partner)

A delegation of 4 ABF Swedish professionals was hosted in Ancona for a 3-day study visit, aimed at presenting COOSS services and approaches for the integration of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.
The CultureLabs project was presented and ABF guaranteed its collaboration to the needs analysis and recipes collection.

Common issues with CultureLabs

ABF is engaged in activities near to CultureLabs interests and objectives, among which:

  • Integrating migrants and refugees: cities are places where integration happens, as they offer great opportunities for migrants and non-migrants to interact, but they are also faced with challenges regarding integration and inclusion. For the last three years, ABF has been working together with the national government and the civil society organizations to develop ideas and concrete actions to support the integration of refugees and other migrants.
  • Fighting marginalization: Europe is home to groups of people that regularly encounter severe discrimination and prejudice, among which immigrant communities. As well as offering education and training opportunities, ABF helps to break down the multiple barriers they face to getting work and being part of everyday European society.
  • Promoting inclusive approaches: some groups in society face discrimination in finding work, as well as in the workplace. They include women, older workers, minorities, and immigrants, among others. To help such groups, and others, ABF promotes active inclusion measures which involve a series of steps to accompany them towards employment.

Further information from the COOSS voices video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpdIbyVovWs&amp=&feature=youtu.be

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